What Are Tungsten Gemstones?

Trent West, original creator, and inventor of tungsten carbide wedding rings has invented a new jewelry related product line known as “FACETED TUNGSTEN GEMSTONES”. These newly created beautiful shiny black faceted stones are the featured element in my new line of high quality custom made rings and pendants.

Are Tungsten Gemstones Better Than Traditional Gemstones

As an artist, I chose tungsten carbide (WC) to use as a new way to create a faceted gem stone used for fine jewelry purposes. This was originally inspired by my TrewTungsten by Trent West wedding bands launched in early 2000 and patented in 1997. I also combined the host faceted WC gem stone with a diamond set in the center to highlight the shinny black tungsten gemstone. I chose the WC gemstone to be the focal point of my new line of fine jewelry due to it’s unique look in contrast to the gold and platinum and diamonds in my hand made jewelry. This faceted tungsten gemstone has a similar look to black obsideon (natural glass) but much harder and more durable.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

On a technical note, Tungsten(WC) #74 and Carbon (C) #6 are elements In the periodic table of elements. They are combined together in powder form with other metalic binding metals such as Nickel (What I use in my WC) or Cobalt (commonly used in industrial cutting tools WC) Then baked in a high temperature oxygen free environment (Sintered) to create TUNGSTEN CARBIDE (WC). Which after sintering is then ground with only diamond media and polished into this very hard and durable Gemstone-like faceted appearence. Technically, the definition of a Gemstone is a precious or semiprecious mineral or crystal, but I am calling my new invention a tungsten gemstone because it has many of the attributes of a gemstone ie; hardness and long lasting beauty.

HARDNESS WC is the same hardness as Sapphire and Ruby between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, the hardest colored gemstones for long life durability.
BEAUTY AND BRILLIANCE A deep black highly polished gemstone shape that is highly reflective and sparkles when light is shined on it.
UNIQUENESS Nothing like it has ever been used in the jewelry industry before, with exception of my TrewTungsten wedding bands. This could be a new trend that you can be a part of.

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