Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Hand Fabricated Jewelry?

The method of hand fabricating fine jewelry is soon to be a “LOST ART”. Most of the master jewelers are older now (In their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s) and fading fast because few young people are willing to apprentice with little to no pay to learn this trade the hard way. The hard way is the only way one can become a master jeweler. They don’t cast pieces and make molds to easily duplicate them. They melt precious metals and hand make individual parts with saws and files and then assemble them together in one truly unique piece. When I began apprenticing with masters in the early 1980’s I started by being tested with watchmakers projects (sawing, filing, soldering, drilling and polishing) just to be qualified for an apprenticeship. It was very hard and took two weeks to pass. In this day of smartphones and instant knowledge from computers, few have the patience to spend years learning when they can make seemingly acceptable work in a much quicker way. To a master, acceptable is not enough, exceptional is the only way.

I was a retail jewelry store owner and custom jeweler for 12 years before I moved up to northern California and was finally exposed to true European Masters in the field. I was compelled to learn all I could from them while I had the chance, and fortunately for me, I did. This took my career in an entirely new direction and I started selling important fabricated works and my customers loved them.

How Do I Place An Order?

This section of the site is very detailed but well worth knowing if you are considering one of my handmade rings with minimal hassle.

Start by choosing the design you like most and click on that piece in the Shop menu to see the size, price and design details described. It is also displayed in a 3D video for your viewing if you choose the RING VIDEOS tab to see the best view.

Ordering is based on whether you want the piece displayed as is, in the size that it was originally made in. Since Trent specializes in custom order work, he realizes that SIZE IS CRITICAL TO GET RIGHT THE FIRST TIME to avoid costly and timely refitting issues associated with an improper fit. Please go to the “How to find your averaged finger size?” section of this page below for exacting measurements on your finger size that varies every day depending on when you are measured, this I call the “averaged finger size”. Once you have determined the averaged size info for your finger, then you can choose a ring design that you prefer if the size you are is within one size either larger or smaller. If your choice of ring is within that one size window, then I will adjust the ring one time to fit your daily averaged size at no extra charge. This ring is now considered altered and not eligible for return. To avoid this, you may order the ring with the ability to completely inspect and determine if it is what you thought it would look and feel like. If you decide that it is not for you, you will be refunded the amount paid, less any shipping or refinishing fees incurred if the ring is not returned in the original new condition within two weeks of delivery. To avoid any refinishing fees, please remove any other rings on your hands and avoid grabbing any hard objects such as door handles etc.

If the ring you desire is not in the exact averaged size you need within one size, it could be made in the design you have chosen for the same cost with no sizing fee if the new ring is not considerably larger in size.

How To Determine Your "Averaged Finger Size"?

Getting measured for your correct size is very important for your purchase especially when it comes to one of my rings due to the fact that is very time-consuming and expensive if the size is measured wrong requiring more than one sizing attempt. It is for this reason that I must stress you follow these suggestions to the very best of your ability.

  • Get measured by what I call a standard narrow set of finger sizing rings for the US. (I can help by buying a set sent to you from one of my suppliers when necessary).
  • These sets are made in full and half sizes only (no quarter sizes), so you have to use your judgment to settle for the closest full or half size.
  • Use these rings to estimate what will be the best size for you on a daily basis by feeling how the ring fits over your knuckle keeping in mind that you don’t want it to fit too tight or loose.
  • Some people have thicker areas of the finger not over the knuckle, but in the fleshy part between the knuckles, which is the area that the ring would be tighter on.
  • If possible, if you regularly wear other rings, then you can figure out if your hand swells in the morning or night more. This will tell you when to do the measuring for size.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY You need to measure yourself at TWO specific times of the day, which are first thing when you wake up and just before bed at night. Then you can estimate the average size for your finger. The average person’s finger will vary one half size or more every day depending on the time of day.
  • It will also be up to you to specify whether you are a slightly tight or a loose fit on the size you have chosen to give, whether it is a half or a full size. This will allow the best chance of getting your fit measured perfectly for long-lasting comfort.
  • CAUTION Another very important consideration is that if you get measured on a HOT DAY or have been TRAVELING or DRINKING ALCOHOL, your size may be CONSIDERABLY LARGER THAN NORMAL and you should not measure your finger under these conditions.

Refund Policy

Trent West, of Trent West Jewelry (TWJ) is an independent jeweler who sells originally designed jewelry that is copyrighted and offers special custom order jewelry and is related to Trent West Inc. as the parent company.

All of the jewelry pieces sold by TWJ are warranted with a full money back guarantee for all unaltered items returned in NEW CONDITION within 2 weeks of delivery date. Deposits for custom ordered work are 40% and are not refundable if the custom order is canceled.

For those who purchase one of my finished pieces of jewelry for sale on this website, I warrant the item has been personally inspected and delivered in what is considered new condition. If the piece was altered in size, dented or scratched after purchase to accommodate the purchaser’s finger size or any other reason, it is considered altered and not in new condition or returnable. In most cases, these rings have a highly developed platinum polished finish that was very time consuming to achieve, so if it is returned worn or damaged in any way, there will be a re-finishing charge depending on how much time it takes to put the piece in NEW CONDITION if possible of which the cost will be deducted from the price paid. All sales are final on altered or discounted items.

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